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    • All-round protection for the eyes against the harmful rays of the sun and against unpleasant glare.
    • Visually appealing and improved colour recognition in comparison to conventional cut-off filters.
    • Improved contrast vision.
    • Suitable for wearing whilst driving.

    Product features

    1. Improved contrast vision and minimisation of glare by blocking short-wave, energy-rich light components.
    2. Available in the active photochromic options, in the following tints:15%, 65%, 85%, polarised 75% and graded 50-15% for inside and out.
    3. The phototropic lenses of wellnessPROTECT active protect the eyes in all light conditions.
    4. Glasses made of particularly lightweight cr 39-plastic for a distortion-free image.
    5. Available in two frame sizes or as clip-ons, including case.
    6. Supplied in hard case.
    7. Clip-ons supplied in soft case with belt clip.
    8. 100% UV protection.



    • Item No. 16635416: small frame, unglazed, temples can be shortened
    • Item No. 16635716: large frame, unglazed, temples can be shortened
    • Item No. 16635615: Ladies’ frame, unglazed, temples can be shortened, with adjustable pad arms
    • Item No. 16635816: Men‘s frame, unglazed, temples can be shortened, spring hinges, with adjustable pad arms

    The frames are also available unglazed, to accommodate individual prescriptions. The catalogue containing the individual lens range and the „wellnessPROTECT order form“ can be found in the download section of the ESCHENBACH website or obtained from our in-house sales team.