wellnessPROTECT® XL

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    • All-round protection for the eyes against the harmful rays of the sun and against unpleasant glare.
    • Visually appealing and improved colour recognition in comparison to conventional cut-off filter eyewear.

    Product features

    1. 100% UV protection and up to 99% blue absorption.
    2. Improved contrast vision and minimisation of glare by blocking short-wave, energy-rich light components.
    3. Available in the tints 15%, 65%, 85%, 50-15% graded, 75% polarising and as a photochromic active option.
    4. The phototropic lenses of wellnessPROTECT active protect the eyes in all light conditions.
    5. Available in two frame sizes, each including case.
    6. Eyewear frames with glare protection from above and from the sides
    7. Ventilation slot between temple and middle section prevents fogging of the lenses.