visolux DIGITAL HD

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    1. HD camera for high contrast, detailed photos
    2. Large magnification range from 2x to 22x (connected to HD TV, e.g.  40“, magnification 12x to 125x)
    3. Generous depth of field for variable viewing distances
    4. Stand with ergonomic tilted angle
    5. Non-reflective 7″ display,16:9
    6. Large field of view of 70 mm
    7. Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS), the line area on the display is moved by the touch of a button
    8. Optional orientation markers (reading line or “blind”)
    9. Additional tactile positioning and orientation markers on the housing
    10. Viewing modes in true colour and up to 14 contrast-enhanced false colour modes
    11. Photo function with option of saving photos on inserted SD card
    12. HDMI port for transmitting live images onto televisions
    13. USB port,  Type C port for transmitting images onto a computer (PC and Mac)
    14. Operating time: 3.5 h
    15. Weight: 460 g
    16. Included in delivery: HDMI cable, USB Type C cable, 4 GB SD card, universal charging device for worldwide use, lanyard, hard foam case

    Product features

    1. Comfortable reading position due to ergonomic tilted angle
    2. Improved orientation on the reading material due to several tactile markers on the housing and a centrally positioned camera, as well as an optional reading line
    3. Accommodates an entire newspaper column
    4. Dynamic Line Scrolling (DLS) means that even with high magnification levels orientation is not impaired and there is no need to move the reading device across the reading material
    5. Weighing in at just 460g, visolux DIGITAL is the ideal solution for when you’re on the move or at home
    6. Photo function with option of saving photos on inserted SD card
    7. Large range of false colour combinations
    8. Can also be used on the TV screen as screen-reading device via HDMI