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    1. Shadow-free and flicker-free illumination.
    2. Brightness can be adjusted to suit individual requirements.
    3. Particularly scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort.
    4. Can be used with distance and near vision glasses.
    5. Minimum power consumption due to low power requirement of the LED which is only 15 W.

    Product features

    1. Ring lighting provided by 36 long-life high performance LEDs with primary lens system for optimal concentration of light and shadow and flicker-free working.
    2. Approx. 5000 lx (at a 20 cm working distance) – provides full illumination power immediately.
    3. Aspheric PXM® lightweight lens, cera-tec® coated for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness.
    4. Hinged and removable lens cover.
    5. Magnifier head has 6 joints to ensure optimum positioning.
    6. Tilting range of magnifier head: 180°.
    7. Can be operated using one hand.
    8. Cable length 3 m.
    9. Supplied with table clamp for table top thicknesses of 18-74 mm.


      Table Base Order-No. 27729

      1. Cast iron, 260 mm Ø, weight 6 kg.
      2. Suitable for stand magnifier.