Smartlux® DIGITAL

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    1. Extra large field of view due to non-reflective 5” LCD and high magnification range.
    2. Makes reading simple as camera is centrally positioned under the display.
    3. Extra writing position for writing or working under the display.
    4. Easy to use due to large operating buttons which are easy to see and tactile.

    Product features

    1. 5 viewing modes: True colour as well as contrast-enhanced black/white, white/black, black/yellow, yellow/black.
    2. Generous depth of focus for variable viewing distances.
    3. Incremental magnification from 1.7 to 12x, depending on use.
    4. Freeze-frame and image capture function: images can be quickly captured. If required, up to 20 of these images can be permanently stored and managed.
    5. Integrated stand which can be adjusted for 3 different uses:· stand fully retracted for hand-held use
    · stand fully extended for placing on reading material
    · stand partially extended for writing or working hands-free under the display.
    6. LEDs can be switched off, for use on gloss surfaces.
    7. LCD brightness can be dimmed in the case of a high level of glare sensitivity.
    8. Automatic shut-off if the device has not been used for approx. 3 minutes to ensure low power consumption.
    9. Dimensions: 174 mm x 90.3 mm x 40.1 mm, Weight 220 g.
    10.Battery run time: approx. 2.5 hours, charging time: approx. 2 hours.
    11.Lithium ion rechargeable battery.
    12.Mains voltage requirement for battery charger: 110V – 240V, 50-60Hz.
    13.Supplied with adapter for EU, GB, US, AUS.
    14.Includes lanyard and protective hard foam case.