Precision scale magnifiers

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    Product features

    1. Achromatic lens made of high quality silicate for a distortion-free image with pinpoint clarity.
    2. Fine focusing via easy-grip focusing ring.
    3. Supplied with standard scale no. 115201, measuring range 20 mm, 1/10 mm graduation, size: 23 mm Ø.
    4. Housing made from glass fibre reinforced polyamide.
    5. Supplied in a solid plastic box with space for other scales.


    Precision measuring scales for a variety of applications
    Item No. 115201, 115202, 115203, 115204, 11514

    LED lighting unit (Item No. 1514)

    1. for precision scale magnifiers item No. 11547 and 115410.
    2. Handle holds 2 batteries.