Galilei 2,0 GF

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    Preferred Method of Communication:


    1. Large visual field, ideal for fluent reading.
    2. Also suitable for watching television.
    3. Lightweight therefore very comfortable to use!
    4. Particularly scratch-proof lens with high visual comfort.
    5. Not affected by age-related shaking due to low system magnification and large visual field.

    Product features

    1.The Galilean systems Galilei 2.0 GF, Galilei 2.2x and Galilei 2.5x are mounted on the system carrier frame for use.
    2. The Galilei systems are installed using the adapter system Item No. 1625
    3. The Galilean system is set at infinity, reading caps are used for reading (see table).
    4. Ocular and objective lenses have a high-quality, anti-reflection hard coating.
    5. Diffractive aspheric PXM® lightweight lens, cera-tec® coated for a distortion-free image with edge-to-edge sharpness.