comfort visionLED

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      • Even and glare-free illumination with hard shadows.
      • High black-white contrast.
      • Very good colour reproduction.
      • 5 different colour tones (2,700°K, 3,300°K, 4,300°K, 5,300°K, 6,500°K) adjustable in 5 brightness steps for individual lighting requirements.
      • Individually adjustable light head that can be turned axially and horizontally by up to 355 degrees.

    Product features

    1. Multi-layer diffuser technology for: glare and hard shadow-free illumination, 100 % UVA/UVB light blocking and up to 90 % blue light damping.
    2. High colour reproduction index (CRI) at 90.
    3. LED lifespan: 50,000 hours.
    4. Energy consumption only 10 Watt.
    5. Timer function for automatic switch off after 2 hours.
    6. Night light function with reduced brightness.