Spectacle Lens Prices

All Lenses Supplied From Nolke Opticians Include Hard Coating

Whilst this protects the lenses from day to day scratches, we can only advise to take good care of your spectacles. Clean them with the supplied microfibre cloth or a lens spray and clean new tissue. Another way to clean them is to rinse them under the tap with cool – luke warm water, a drop of washing up liquid followed by rinse and dry with a clean new tissue.

All prices below are charged in addition to purchasing frames from Nolke Opticians which include standard single vision lenses in the price marked on the frame. Note that frames on our website are priced without lenses included in the price so you will have to add single vision lenses price (€50) to the additional option you require.

e.g. – Bifocal lenses with antiglare to your own frame or to a frame on our website Price =
€50 single vision + €65 Bifocal + €40 antiglare = €155 For the two lenses.



Single vision plastic Lenses

(CR39 Material with hard coat)
Already included in frame price in store
Not included in frame price on website.


Polycarbonate lenses
Ultra tough safety lenses




Bifocal Lenses (All types: Round & D-Seg)




Essilor liberty VarifocalGood€150

Entry level modern digital lens design

Zeiss Smartlife Plus VarifocalBetter€200

Optimised for the eyes + Frame

Zeiss Smartlife Superb VarifocalBest€285

Optimised for the eyes + frame + face

Zeiss Smartlife Individual Varifocal Including DuraVision Platinum€355

Optimised for the eyes + frame + face + age profile + Pupil size + main daily activities



Nolke Anti Glare coating€45

Hard coat and reduced glare – as instore stock lens in most prescriptions.

Zeiss ClearView DuraVision Platinum€75

Hard coat, UV 400nm , easy to clean, dust, smudge and water repellent – Small range of powers available in stock.

Zeiss Clearview BlueGuard DVP€85

Hard coat, UV 400nm, Easy to clean, Blue Violet coating to enhance visual comfort at screens.

Zeiss Clearview Antivirus DVP€85

Hard coat, UV 400nm, Easy to clean, Silver Ions coating to Kill up to 99% harmful bacteria and viruses on the lens surface.


Zeiss Smartlife lens designs
(Aspheric flatter lens + wider field of view + thinner design)
Add €60
Zeiss 1.6 index lenses with DuraVision Platinum€110
Zeiss 1.67 index lenses with DuraVision Platinum€145
Zeiss 1.74 index lenses with DuraVision Platinum€185



Polarised Prescription lenses (Plastic)€90
Polarised Prescription lenses (Polycarbonate)€160
Polarised Prescription lenses (1.67 index)€190

(Thinnest available, including Antiglare Coating)

Polarised Oakley LensesFrom €300

(Glazed by Oakley in any of their colours)

Polarised Bolle LensesFrom €250

(Glazed by Bolle in any of their colours)



Transitions® Grey, Brown, Green

NEW Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire

Click here for more info on the colors




NEW XTRActive Transitions®€80

New XTRActive Transitions® Darkens with UV and Daylight – so will also darken inside car