Low Vision

Kjell Nolke has practice Low Vision assessment and dispensing since first working in London in 1995. He worked for the NCBI from 2005 until 2012 and now provides a private low vision service in our Ardkeen Practice. 

Our low vision service can be visited by anyone who is experiencing significant difficulty with their sight which can not be corrected by standard spectacle correction. 

What happens?

Mr Nolke will assess your level of vision and will work with you to decide how magnification might make certain tasks easier for you. The assessment not only looks at your level of vision, but also what you want to achieve.

Many people buy magnifying glasses from various sources – but these are sometimes not strong enough or not designed for the need they have. Low vision aids can make a difference the users quality of life and can open up new opportunities for reading, writing and other activities.

With the right magnifier, you may be able to read the post, enjoy family photographs, read the newspaper or see the number of an approaching bus.

Further information and guidance

  • Typically a low vision appointment will be booked for 1hr. This will include a sight test / vision assessment and even a scan of the back of your eye to allow better understanding of your eye condition and how it is affecting your vision. 
  • We will then discuss your lifestyle and your vision needs including – job, hobbies and activities and relate that to the limitations of your vision.
  • We strongly recommend bringing a family member or friend in to the appointment to provide support with learning the use of new equipment. 
  • Hand held magnifiers, optical and electronic can be demonstrated. 
  • Personalised sunglass tints to match your eye condition 
  • Orcam MyEye and Read demonstration.
  • Onward referral to the NCBI can also be made. Their community resource workers can offer signifiant additional support including low vision aids, magnifiers, mobility training, blind registration, parking permits, support groups. 

How to access the service

Our low vision service is available in our Ardkeen Practice

Simply call us on 051 855638 and book in an appointment. Kindly advise the receptionist that you are interested in a low vision appointment. If you have not been to the practice before, one of our optometrists (most likely Kjell Nolke) will give you a call back to discuss your appointment to make sure we have appropriate stocks in practice to demonstrate on the day.