Drivers Report Eye Examination

Click the link below to download the Drivers licence eyesight report application from D502.
Eyesight report D502 (PDF)
Group 1: €15.00
Group 2: €20.00
(Please see D502 for categories)

A first-time application for a learner permit must be accompanied by a satisfactory eyesight report. This report may be completed by a registered ophthalmic optician or medical practitioner. You must sign the eyesight report form in the presence of the optician or doctor.

Anyone who wears glasses or contact lenses must be re-tested when renewing their full licence usually about 10 years later.

Those who do not wear glasses will usually not have to be retested until the age of 70.

An eyesight report is also needed where you previously wore glasses/lenses and are no longer required to do so. It is also needed in certain cases when exchanging a licence from another country – see not

Group 1 test will take around 15 minutes whilst the Group 2 text which requires additional testing may take up to 20-30 minutes.

We do our best to facilitate walk ins but for your own convenience please phone ahead to book an appointment.