Orcam MyEye

A Glimpse into the future at Nolke Opticians

OrCam MyEye is a wearable device, for people who are blind or visually impaired, that reads text, recognises faces, identifies products & more. Nolke Opticians is the only practice in Ireland to stock this ground-breaking technology.

The device allows someone with a visual impairment to access any printed text on any surface wherever they are, using a combination of a camera, advanced computer vision, artificial intelligence and a small speaker.

“The device works in a very simple, gesture-based way.” explains Kjell Nolke, founder/owner of Nolke Opticians, “The wearer points to whatever it is they want to “see” or read, and the MyEye device takes a photograph. Sophisticated software processes what is in front of it and then, in the case of text, reads it back to the user. What’s more, it can also recognise friends’ faces, so it can alert the user as they approach.”

The small speaker is placed in such a way that it is easy for the wearer to hear the output without it being overly intrusive.

OrCam MyEye means you can read a newspaper, find products in a shop or tell who is approaching you without the need for outside assistance. Giving people with vision impairments back a degree of independence is something of which OrCam is proud.

MyEye can recognise colours and products, read newspapers and restaurant menus, and decipher street signs. If the text is large enough to distinguish, MyEye can read it. Depending on where you buy the device, it will also recognise banknotes, an area where, Kjell said, many users would otherwise run into difficulty. Orcam will recognise Euro bank notes and recognise over 50,000 bar codes from products sold in Irish retail stores.

“The beauty of the OrCam MyEye, though, is that it learns,” explains Kjell, “Whether it is products or people, the device can add to its own internal database. You can teach the device faces, with a couple of clicks, and next time that person is in front of you, MyEye will tell you which of your friends has come into view. If it doesn’t know, the device will tell you if the person in front of you is male or female.”

MyEye is not just for people with vision problems, though. There is a hand held version of the product called Orcam Read

that can be used by people with dyslexia. That software doesn’t have the AI component that learns with the user, because it doesn’t need to carry out tasks such as facial recognition or product recognition. To find out more about Orcam MyEye and Orcam Read contact Kjell in Nolke Opticians for a chat. – Call us on 051 855638 or book in for an appointment.

Below is a testimonial from one of our Orcam MyEye users – Tom Langan from Galway who purchased his Orcam from Nolke Opticians back in 2020. He was very kind to make this wonderful video with his nephew Mike Flannery who is a professional wedding videographer. Tom has been blind most of his life and has adapted to his vision loss using any an all technologies available to him. He is involved in monthly Zoom meetings where he helps others with various tech issues including PC software for blind users.