Eye Care

Many people think that Eyecare is just about getting their sight tested and buying spectacles. Well it’s not.

At Nolke Opticians your consultation is much more than a simple test of sight. As well as measuring for any prescription you may require for spectacles or contact lenses, your highly skilled optometrist will also conduct various investigations using advanced technology to check for an extensive range of general health conditions that can be monitored within your eyes. We use up-to-the-minute digital imaging systems to keep a permanent record of your eyes which will allow us to monitor even the smallest of changes on subsequent visits.

Our examinations are tailored to your individual needs so if you are experiencing difficulties with sore or itchy eyes, our investigations will concentrate on finding out what the problem is and giving you the appropriate advice or treatment. Or if there is an inheritable vision problem such as glaucoma in the family will we ensure that this is carefully looked at and arrange further special assessment if this is found necessary.

This is why a comprehensive eye examination is important, even if you do not need spectacles. Being experts in the field of contact lenses we make sure that you always get the best vision and comfort from your lenses. Our annual contact lens evaluations will ensure your continued healthy use of lenses and that you are wearing the most suitable lenses for your lifestyle and eye condition.

If you do require spectacles then we will advise you on the most suitable type of lenses and frames. As independent eye care specialists we are able to choose from the hundreds of different types available to give you the optimum vision, comfort and appearance for your budget and lifestyle. Our expert dispensing team will help you select from our carefully chosen range of designer and other top quality spectacle frames.