Swim Goggle promotion! Race ready & Prescription

SWANS goggles  Over 100yrs of goggle tech Worn by Olympians & world record holders Low profile racing goggle Minimal water resistance Twin Strap quick adjust Perfect for diving / race starts   Smoke orange mirror lens – SRX Contrast enhancing orange lens Hi contrast for bright conditions Clear lens – SRX Maximum clarity indoors Useful…

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Myopia Control – Time to change the way we manage shortsightedness.

Myopia Control – (shortsightedness control) relates to a change in the way eye specialists manage myopic patients – specifically myopic children with the potential to increase their myopia as they grow. The standard management so far is to prescribe spectacles and occasionally contact lenses for these young growing patients. As the patient becomes more myopic…

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A mobile problem needs a smart solution. 

Increased smart phone and device usage are here to stay, but they do have consequences for all ages. Tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, sleep disruption, difficulty focusing, reduced concentration at work and study are all too common results.   Our vision needs are changing.   Optometrist Kjell Nolke has seen the discussion in his consulting room change over…

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