Nolke Hearing Care services

Free hearing test

Initial hearing screening

We offer quick 5 minutes FREE digitised hearing screening for all our clients. This allows you to check your hearing health status quickly and efficiently, while you wait to see your optician or pick up your glasses. Carried out using a simple but exceptionally accurate iPad Hearing Screener- complete with ‘over-the-ear-noise-cancelling’ headphones, we are able to assess your hearing accurately, even in a crowded space.


If you feel you have a hearing loss and you require full audiological evaluation Click here to Book your full hearing assessment with our Audiologist.

Full hearing assessment

What to expect in your initial consultation

We offer free full hearing assessment using the latest, state-of-the art audiological equipment. Our full thorough assessment of your health hearing includes:

Taking a full background case history

This is a simple friendly chat to find out more about you and for us to find out how best we can help you.

Otoscopy and video otoscopy

A comprehensive visual examination of your Outer and Middle ear using a magnified light and a video camera. This allows you and your audiologist to see the inside your ear. With this examination we can find out if wax is present or other abnormalities contributing to diminished hearing. This test is important in enabling us to carry out all required subsequent tests for your hearing assessment in a safe manner.

Pure tone audiometry (PTA)

Pure tone audiometry is the gold standard test for hearing assessment.

We test the quietest sound that you can hear across a range of different frequencies, from 250 kHz to 8 kHz. This test tells us the degree, the type and configuration of your hearing loss, as well as if your hearing loss is in one or both of your ears.

  • The result is displayed in an audiogram
  • Your audiologist will explain your results to you and what it means in simple terms.

Uncomfortable loudness level

We perform this test to find what level of sound you find uncomfortable. This test may not be suitable for people with tinnitus or people who are sensitive to loud sounds.


This is an objective test that measures the functionality of your middle ear system and how well your eardrum is moving. It also tells us if there is fluid present in the Middle ear. The presence of fluid in the middle ear indicates possible congestion and/or infection which may occur during a cold or chest infection and may cause reoccurring eardrum perforation or Eustachian Tube dysfunction, very common in children under the age of 5.

Speech test

Speech test is performed to find out your ability to hear and discriminate speech.

Full hearing health report

Your full hearing health report will be produced at the end of your assessment. We will explain your results to you in a simple jargon free manner. If any medical referral is required, we will discuss this with you and proceed only with your consent. Onward referrals may be sent to your doctor or an ENT consultant for a medical opinion. A copy of your hearing health report will be sent to your home address as well.

If hearing Aids are appropriate, we will discuss this with you. Did you know that you can actually get a Hearing Aid Trial on the same day? Find out more.