Hearing Protection

Prolonged noise exposure can cause permeant hearing loss and Tinnitus (ring in the ears) or both. It is therefore important you protect your hearing. At Nolke opticians and hearing care we offer a wide range of hearing protection devices for children and adults.

Custom hearing products

Swim moulds

Floatable for swimming and showering moulds are made of soft silicone materials. Available in 12 different colours.

Solid earplugs

This custom fit earplug provides excellent noise protection for a variety of recreational activities and on working environments.

Musicians hearing protectors

Musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and they are exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods. Different amounts of protection are required depending on the sound levels musicians encounter during rehearsals and performances.

Custom earphone moulds

Custom earphone moulds are perfect for most mobile phones

Mini filter earplugs

An earplug with a small removable filter that attenuates across all frequencies. Is available in 3 different attenuating filters : 10db, 17db, 26db and an Impulse filter (IPIL 33.1) Good for fitting all sizes of ears. Available in shell and canal styles.

High frequency noise filters

Also known as the Hocks Noise Breakers, recognised as superior aural protection devices for a variety of activities. Hocks devices contain a patented acoustical chamber to attenuate sound to appropriate speech levels.

Sleeping earplugs

Custom fit Canal style earplugs provides noise protection while sleeping. Comes standard with a handle for removal.