Hearing Grants and PRSI

  • The Department of Social Protection will pay up to half the cost of a hearing aid or repairs to a hearing aid, subject to a fixed maximum contribution of €500 for one aid and €1,000 if you need two aids.
  • This grant can be paid to a person who has the necessary PRSI contributions or to their adult dependant.
  • All we need is your permission, name, PRSI number and Date of birth. We will then check your eligibility online. If all goes well we will know your eligibility within minutes. 
  • Spouses will need to complete a paper form and post to revenue. Responses take approx two weeks.

Medical Card Holders

  • Medical Card Holders can only receive Hearing aids through the hospital Audiology clinic. Unfortunately there is a significant waiting list for this service at present. 

Tax Relief

  • You may claim tax relief worth 20% on the cost of your hearing aids and on behalf your dependant relative (conditions apply). Full details can be found here Revenue Commissioners’ website:

Finance payment options

Nolke Opticians and Hearing are members of the Humm finance group.

(Formally the Flexifi finance group)

Just sign up as a Humm customer, get your approval information from them. They will issue you with a code which you can bring to us and we will make it as easy as we can!. 

How does humm work?

Humm is a retail instalment payment plan facility! In simple terms, they have an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card for goods offered by their Retail Partners.
humm allows you to spread the cost of your purchase across their partner stores. Each store has different plans to offer, so best check plans with your chosen partner store (retailer). It’s that simple!
Complete a humm application (please ensure that you are not using Internet Explorer) and they will assess it for you. If you are approved for finance with humm, you can use this approval to make purchases in multiple Retail Partner Stores!

*Upfront fee’s such as application fee’s, monthly account keeping fee (dependent on your plan) & interest per month after your interest free period is over are applicable depending on your bespoke plan.