Re-opening – some things we have learned..

Hi everyone. – I thought to write a brief post about things we have learned since we opened.

  • Slow and steady, that’s what keeps us happy and you safe
  • We’ve found you, the public, very understanding and patient.
  • We will slowly and safely grow our capacity for more appointments over the coming weeks, having started at one appointment per hour we have scope to grow. (Normally we have up to four!)
  • We have invested in a second Phoroptor head, meaning that Orla can now use her own room, doing eye examinations whilst keeping 2m away from the patient.
  • Our other equipment for glaucoma and macular degeneration screening is already ideally suited to this pandemic. We had been upgrading this technology over the last five years so are ahead of the curve there.
  • We’ve found it’s all about planning – from the phone call booking your appointment, to your journey through the store and interaction with our staff. Again, we are lucky to have a large premises with plenty of room to allow people keep their distance and browse.
  • The car park outside has been fantastic. You can park outside the door and if needed wait in your car until your appointment or spectacles are ready.
  • The hospitals, both the Regional and Whitfield have been excellent throughout. They both have eye casualty services for anyone needing urgent care. Additionally, they have managed their critical or chronic patients very well.
  • There is an issue with public children’s clinics at present. The waiting lists were already growing and will now grow further. If your child needs an eye examination just give us a call and we will get them seen quite quickly. If onward referral is needed, we will refer to the public system with appropriate urgency.
  • The sun is shining – and sun glass sales will be significant this year. We have a good stock in and supplies are on the way so call in if you need anything.
  • Oh…, and chocolate Tim Tams help make it all just a little bit easier !
    (thanks to Julie Moloney for clicking her heals and bringing them all the way from OZ !) (without eating them on the journey!)

We’d all like to thank you for your understanding and support over the last few weeks and we look forward to seeing you at some stage in the future, stay safe.

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