Due to the fact opticians are included in the first wave re-openings Nolke Opticians will soon be extending our hours.

From Monday May 18th we will be open from 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

This is when Nolke Opticians will be returning to its full list of services such as eye examinations and products including spectacles and contact lenses. Though to ensure the safety of its customers at all times we will be enforcing strict safety protocols.

As this will reduce the number of customers which can be seen every day we are asking for your patience and only call us if you are suffering from red eye, painful eye, vision loss or significant vision changes.  Also, if your spectacles are damaged and you cannot manage without them. Contact lens patients can also order lenses either over the phone or online from our website – if you need a check up then you can call to book a time.

While we will be taking appointments for the next few weeks and months, we will be prioritising those who are most in need.

We’re happy to take your call on 051-855638 and explain how we can help you going forward. In the mean-time our website contains a full list of our safety processes and procedures:



– We have updated our diary to 1 hour appointments to reduce the number of persons in the store. This may change over time.

– All visitors are asked to use hand gel on entry before and after the sight test / trying on spectacles.

– Spectacle selection is requested to be curtailed to recommended frames only. After selection, spectacle frames are disinfected by staff before being placed back on shelf.

– The optometrist will wear a face-mask during the eye test. All staff will wear masks throughout the day.

– Patients are asked to bring their own mask. We can provide masks for €2 – (€1 of which will go to charity – Waterford Helping Hands). Note that wearing masks can fog the lenses during the test and also makes selecting frames / styles is difficult with a mask on. You may therefore need to remove the mask at times which is in itself a contamination risk. We are working on a solution for this problem.

– We will carry out slit lamp retinal viewing and OCT on all patients to allow for greater distance whilst carrying out retinal health checks.

– We may require more patients to have Tropicamide dilation drops instilled in their eyes to dilate their pupils to allow better view of their internal eye / retina.

  • Patients will be clearly told before the drops are inserted.
  • The drops take about 15 minutes to work – patients can sit outside in their car whilst waiting.
  • We recommend patients do not drive after having the drops as they can affect your vision slightly for up to 4 hours afterwards.
  • Patients can return at a later date  to have their eyes dilated if they wish.
  • PRSI and Medical Card patients will not be charged extra. OCT examination will cost €20 extra.
  • Private patients will be charged €40 for the sight test and €35 for the dilation and OCT examination. 

– All staff will wash hands between patients.

– Patients who are in at risk groups / recent travel / raised temperature/ respiratory symptoms are asked to phone before calling to the practice (rather than calling in directly). Separate appointment slots can be made to accommodate specific needs.

– This advise post will be updated as and when new procedures are required.

May I take this opportunity to thank all our customers and wish you all good health during this challenging time. We will get through it and hope we can see you back with us in the not too distant future.

Kjell Nolke and the team at Nolke Opticians.

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