A mobile problem needs a smart solution. 

EyeZen – Reading comfort!

Increased smart phone and device usage are here to stay, but they do have consequences for all ages. Tired eyes, eyestrain, headaches, sleep disruption, difficulty focusing, reduced concentration at work and study are all too common results.


Our vision needs are changing.


Optometrist Kjell Nolke has seen the discussion in his consulting room change over his 25 years in practice and never more so than in the last five. Nolke says there are some indisputable facts and trends developing in the way we live our lives. Phone use is clearly on the increase with 3.7 million people in Ireland now owning a mobile phone. Parents have concerns on their children’s phone usage. These concerns are real with screen-time use for teenagers often totaling over 24 hours per week.


Essilor, the largest lens producer in the world, has developed lenses that help answer the vision needs we have never had before. Their EyeZen lenses incorporate features designed to support our vision. Nolke says EyeZen lenses are both a true evolution and revolution. 


Typical spectacle lenses are designed to focus the eye straight ahead at a distance, with their optical centre in front of the pupil. Essilor Eyezen lenses have a second optical reference point when the wearer looks down. This offers wearers reduced visual fatigue, sharper vision, protection from blue-violet light, better acuity in near vision and glare reduction. EyeZen lenses are the first active solution to our changing visual needs.


There are 2.5 billion spectacle wearers in the world, a number which will grow to 5 billion by 2050. This combined with worldwide sales of smart phones at 45,000 every fifteen minutes with less than 2,500 children born in the same fifteen minutes. This is an issue which will not go away.


For more information about the benefits of Essilor Eyezen lenses call in to Nolke Opticians for more information or visit www.nolkeopticians.com.


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