How To Use Ocusoft

The OCuSOFT® Eyelid Cleanser range are easy-to-use products that help manage eyelid irritations. The No.1 recommended brand of eyelid cleansers in the USA, OCuSOFT® cleansers effectively remove excess oil and debris from the eyelids that may lead to dry, scratchy, irritated eyes. Lid hygiene is important to overall ocular health and is often recommended for people suffering from Dry Eyes, Blepharitis, MGD and for those preparing for surgery.
The OCuSOFT® range comes in two formulas – OCuSOFT® Original and OCuSOFT® Plus.
OCuSOFT® Original Lid Scrub & Foam Bottle can be used for daily eyelid hygiene and has a rinse-off formula. OCuSOFT® Plus Lid Scrub & Foam bottle has a unique ‘leave on’ formula for short to medium term use. The Plus range is recommended for more severe cases of Blepharitis or eyelid irritation.